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The Estéreo Picnic Festival is an alternative music and entertainment festival that takes place every year in Bogotá, Colombia. Created in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the music industry, the festival has been done in the Bogotá surroundings with Colombian and International artists of rock, electronic, pop, and new folklore, among others. This year, the festival asked us to create the cover of the magazine that contains the history of the festival, the lineup, the maps, and all the information about the artists.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT  Five elements were given to us to illustrate the cover: night, fire, woods, party, and people. Using those keywords, we created a forest surrounded by animals and people celebrating the joy of night and the power of the music. This concept was originally created by the team of T-310 and the artist Diana Gamboa.

T-310 Creative Team 
Cristian Vargas ©
Cartel Urbano ©