Flora & Fauna


—V Salón de Ilustración "El Nogal"—

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Flora (a) is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant life. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna (b). Colombia is truly unique in one respect: It is very, very rich in life forms. In fact, it is considered among the world's four richest countries in biological diversity. This means that there are probably more animal and plant species here than in any other country on the planet regardless of size. About 10 percent of the world’s species live here. (i)


ABOUT THIS PROJECT  Two collages based on original drawings from my personal sketchbooks. I mixed digital and analog techniques to come up with those two pieces, which are influenced by the natural environment of Colombia. The artworks combine parts of animals and plants, creating a third type of nature: something surreal but not that far from what you can find in a tropical and exotic country like Colombia. Those pieces were originally made for the III Salón de Ilustración (El Nogal).

Cristian Vargas ©
Juanita Carrasco (FanLab)