Karel Martens


—Gerrit Noordzij Prize—

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Karel Martens (born 1939) is a Dutch freelance graphic designer who specialized in typography. Martens was born in Mook en Middelaar in 1939[2] and graduated from the Arnhem Academy of Art and Industrial Arts of the Netherlands in 1961,[1] where he studied fine arts. He did not study graphic design because it was not considered a career at the time and did not exist as its own course of study. In school he took many classes such as painting, sculpture making, illustration, and publicity. Today he is recognized as one of the most influential practitioners in graphic design. (i)

ABOUT THIS PROJECT  In 2012, the Gerrit Noordzij prize was awarded to Karel Martens. In 2015, an exhibition was dedicated to his work, combining cover designs of the OASE magazine, mono prints, vitrines showing his famous clocks interventions, and many other pieces of work. As a part of the main exhibition the t]m alumni created 12 posters, assigning one letter to each student of that year 2014—2015. The posters attempt to reflect his passion for the typography, the color, and the handmade print systems.

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