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2016 is the Fire Monkey Year according to Chinese zodiac. This was the main inspiration to create a two-format calendar (pocket + poster) combining writing, design, python programming, printing, and handmade bookbinding. The aim of this project was to create something valuable as a design piece, but most important as a good example of how to shape content on different communication levels.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT  2016 is the year of the monkey according to Chinese zodiac. This was the main inspiration to design this pocket calendar. The challenge for this new version started with the creation of a simple script in Python to allow us to create random combinations of words based on five lists: (1) Type of monkeys, (2) Activities, (3) Objects (4) Qualities of the monkeys, and (5) The months of the year. The next step was to run the script 12 times in order to obtain 12 different combinations of words, avoiding duplicates. We then found 12 different people to write a short story using the words of the list. Based on those stories, we created the illustrations. This effort resulted in 50 pocket calendars and 25 silkscreen print posters using gold and silver ink.

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